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About LaraLu Designs

LaraLu’s Jewelry Line was born from an innate need to combine a life-long creative drive with her spiritual pursuits.  Crafting one of a kind artisan jewelry dubbed "Goddess Pieces”, LaraLu sources gem stones and multi-cultural antique pendants of iron, stone and other material from around the world for her unique and beautiful jewelry.  She considers the gemstones, pendants and color palettes to be  “of the earth” materials; God’s palette able to evoke moods and emotions.  LaraLu believes by combining colors, symbols and gemstones in her Goddess Pieces not only creates something beautiful and provocative but powerful when used with intention.

LaraLu was born to create. She comes from a long blood line of artists. The world was first introduced to the talents of  LaraLu, aka Lara Belmonte Riedel,  as an award winning animal photographer specializing in fun, clever and whimsical images.  She had images published by Avanti, Marcel Sherman, Recycled Paper Greetings and others. Her images graced magazine covers, print advertisements, refrigerator magnets, greeting cards and jigsaw puzzles. After her second son was born, LaraLu was yearning for something different with new challenges.

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